Why choose SCMD?

Our NGS based service was launched in 2014, meaning that we were one of the first labs in the UK to start routine tumour profiling as the default standard for all cases. As a result have an extraordinary range of experience and expertise within our team. We have always stayed focused on clinically actionable targets whilst making sure that our tests are as sensitive and robust as possible. This in turn means that whilst also highly cost effective, we can successfully analyse very small/low tumour content samples, with which many of our competitors may struggle.

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Sarah Cannon

Sarah Cannon

HCA’s global Cancer Institute. Its research arm not only focuses on advancing therapies for patients, but is one of the world’s leading clinical research organisations conducting clinical trials. Sarah Cannon has been a clinical trial leader in the majority of cancer therapies over the last 10 years.

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HCA Healthcare

An international healthcare company with access to world-class resources and research power, supporting thousands of patients across the US and UK.


Our Genomics Review Board

We are also supported by a team of expert scientists and clinicians who help HCA clinicians interpret and act on our test results.

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